So here we are in the most anticipated Shaadi quarter of the year. I have always felt the happening part of the year is the second part with all the festivities and functions keeping us in celebratory mood. I’m sure a lot of you are planning weddings, or planning to attend a few atleast. As much as it seems enjoyable, it comes with its own set of planning stress when it’s yours or someone really close to you. From the decorations to the food and the outfits, it’s all just the beginning to a crazy fun journey. Here are 5 things to remember while planning a wedding, read on to know more:

Advance Planning

indian wedding ideas tips for wedding planning traditional indian wedding destination food decorations

Everything requires planning, but when it comes to a wedding it needs to be done well in advance. It begins with the destination of course. Whether it is in your city or another city or country all together, make sure you choose a destination where all your guests can reach, unless of course you don’t want them to. Check the availability of the place well in advance for your desired marriage date. When it comes to the wedding theme, do some research and get inspirations pinned on your pinterest boards months before so you have enough time to choose the best. Also, decide on what dishes and delicacies your guests would love the most on your wedding day.

Proper communication:


Strike a good relation between you and your wedding planner. Clearly communicate what you have in mind for the wedding and do not shy away from showing them all those ideas you have been gathering for the wedding since years. It’s always good for the wedding planner to have a look into the likes and interests of the bride and groom.  Keep getting an update on what’s happening with the caterers, the decorators, the hotel bookings etc. every other week. And as much as you can, be a part of all the action. Take time out to do things like tasting the food, visiting the wedding location, choosing the decorations and other things so you can always ask for another option well in advance if you don’t like any, to avoid any last minute changes.

Choosing Wedding Gifts:

indian wedding ideas tips for wedding planning traditional indian wedding destination food decorations

Food and decorations is one thing, but treating your guests with gifts they can take home is a whole another thing.Wedding favors, as they are popularly called, need to be well suited gifts for your guests. While mithais and dry fruit boxes are luxurious and always loved, it’s always good to put a little thought into your wedding favors to make it stand different. And when it comes to guests, you know them the best, so although you have the wedding planners for everything else, take personal interest in choosing wedding favors.

Shopping Wedding Wear & Trousseau:

indian wedding ideas tips for wedding planning traditional indian wedding destination food decorations

Getting the best outfits selected for the bride and the relatives is a tough job if you set out to do it all alone. The best way to reduce the stress is by consulting local or online designer stores who would help you figure out the best designer wear for the wedding ceremonies. Over the years, e-commerce has boomed so much that you can get all your wedding shopping done with just the click of a button.  So do your research for trending designer wedding wear styles and trends, follow social media accounts, send your queries, book your outfits and get them in time to be well prepared with your wedding wear in time.

Take out time for yourself:

indian wedding ideas tips for wedding planning traditional indian wedding destination food decorations

Wedding planning is no piece of cake. So amidst all the hurry, take time to rest and be by yourself. Whether it is your wedding that you are planning or if it’s your best friend’s, you need to be looking and feeling great on the wedding day. So while you keep a tab on all the preparations, take time to pamper yourself with some quality time to de-stress.

Image credits:

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